Voting Solutions

NuArca Voting assures every vote counts with unmatched accuracy, accountability and security by providing unimpeachable governance from conception through collection and tabulation.

Public institutions, private organizations, and global marketplaces all trust NuArca Voting to ensure a seamless, efficient and unimpeachable process time and again.

NuArca Voting enables voting event governance from conception through collection and tabulation, while offering real-time confidence to event managers, voters and third parties. Enable digital dialogue with voters and improve response rates, while leveraging the immutable capabilities of blockchain.

Record votes from multiple sources to the blockchain for easy verification and confident tabulation. Access a 360° view of your annual general meeting for administrators, voters and third parties – reducing audit and data confirmation dependencies.

  • React quickly and confidently to real-time voting results and continuous voter feedback.
  • Uncover voter insights and drive outcomes with regression and Monte Carlo simulation backed analytics.
  • Understand likely outcomes and set up for success with predictive analytics and shareholder demographics.

Live Production Blockchain Technology Based Voting

Working in conjunction with our partner AST, NuArca has delivered and launched the first fully operational blockchain enabled proxy Voting solution. The solution is currently live in the capital markets space. AST's customers - publicly traded fund and corporate share issuers - are using this platform to enhance their proxy and annual meeting processes, making it one of the very first scaled production uses of blockchain technology in the financial service industry. The solution includes issuer and shareholder specific user interfaces, predictive statistical modeling, and real-time tabulation.

NuArca Labs has deployed the proxy voting network on IBM’s blockchain cloud service and is working closely with AST and IBM to extend the network to all corners of the global capital market space.

Voting, Backed by Blockchain

  • Streamline omni-channel communication and eliminate recounts associated with multi-source tabulation.
  • Count with Confidence and know that your results are unassailable in the permissioned blockchain.
  • Avoid expensive time delays with API-integrated feeds and real-time web voting results.