Success Stories

NuArca's enterprise blockchain solutions deliver unparalleled transparency, accuracy, and cost savings across ledger-based transactions.

We have successfully created, managed and customized multiple industry solutions for our global customers, purpose built to streamline, control and deliver unmatched visibility, security and value throughout the process chain.

NuArca has invested in building blockchain development execution capabilities in Boston, Bangladesh and Ireland. Our capacity and commitment to active participation in leading blockchain open source platforms means that we are ready to flexibly assist our customers in building solutions and systems that meet their objectives.

Named IBM North America New Partner of the Year, NuArca has the capability to develop customized solutions and platforms around the globe.

NuArca Business

Bolsa Santiago Exchange

Trading over $2 billion USD a day in equities, fixed income securities, money market instruments, investment fund shares and foreign securities , the Santiago Stock Exchange, founded on November 27, 1893, is Chile's leading stock exchange, and the third largest in Latin America. NuArca customized a blockchain built proxy voting solution for the Bolsa, and to-date has reached a successful milestone of more than 16 billion shares, and 1.8 million unique shareholders voted with unimpeachable transparency and security.

NuArca Business

PipelineDL - Oil & Gas Payments Network

PipelineDL™ provides blockchain enabled networks and solutions that streamline transactions for the Oil and Gas producers, trust and wealth managers, regulators, and mineral rights owners. Focused on enabling faster and more transparent tracking of ownership, production, sales and payments, Pipeline DL creates a more efficient and trusted marketplace.

Customized Solutions


NuArca has partnered with Sontiq to create an integrated Identity Management platform, Sontiq is a leading Identity Security company offering businesses and consumers a full range of identity and cyber monitoring solutions, restoration, and response products and services to empower millions of customers and organizations to be less vulnerable to identity theft and cybercrime.

Customized Solutions

AST/NuArca Voting

NuArca delivered to AST a customized blockchain and machine learning enabled proxy voting solution. AST and NuArca worked together to pioneer advances in proxy analytics and reporting that utilize immutable blockchain results and real-time facts to support issuers in the creation and execution of successful proxy campaign strategies. This solution has facilitated greater transparency and confidence in data handling, allowing issuers to make more informed decisions and strategy adjustments. It has also allowed AST’s proxy solicitation experts to access advanced predictive analytics to guide complex proxy solicitations.

Customized Solutions


NuArca is the blockchain expert, architect, and developer of the core blockchain equity ownership engine behind Astrella’s private company ownership solutions. This critical component creates the fundamental differentiation in the market that Astrella relies on to be successful.

Customized Solutions

Conagra NFT

When ConAgra’s SlimJim brand was looking for the right NFT expertise to help them securely and confidently mint and list their SlimJim Rocket Stick NFT. SlimJim tapped into the crypto investor zeitgeist and NFT mania and NuArca was there to make sure they could do so with a trusted partner to mint and list.