Ownership Distribution

We provide immutable record keeping and smart contract based real-time positions for ownership tracking, projections and distributions.

Ownership Distribution Engine (ODE) & Contact Management Exchange (CME)

NuArca's innovative blockchain solution enables secure and transparent fractional ownership tracking for a wide range of assets. The Ownership and Distribution Engine (ODE) allows for real-time position tracking and automated distributions through smart contract technology on an immutable ledger.

With NuArca's scalable and proprietary system, investors can fractionalize ownership of assets including oil and gas royalties, commercial real estate, legal settlements, liens, and private company shares. The blockchain foundation provides immutable records and projections for transparent waterfall distributions.

Beyond the core blockchain tracking, NuArca ODE also includes the necessary technology infrastructure to ensure successful deployment for clients. With NuArca's platform, investors can gain exposure to diverse alternative assets with fractional ownership and automated distributions on an enterprise-grade blockchain network.

Businesses and opportunities enabled by ODE:

  • Private Company
  • Factoring

Businesses and opportunities enabled by CME:

  • Regulatory Registry
  • Business Analyst / Expertise Exchange