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large language models and banking compliance

The following series of short videos explores the basics of Large Language Models and their use withing banking compliance environments

Check back on March 27th as we turn our eyes toward Use Cases: LLM's in Banking Compliance.

From NuArca Labs

Large language models (LLM’s) are already impacting banking compliance.

This technology is going to sweep through every role in every industry and  compliance is no exception. It has the potential  to create massive efficiencies, and while it's not coming directly for you or your role the individuals and banks who are using it better than you  are will gain a competitive advantage.

Studies are showing there is an almost immediate advantage for those groups who are embracing LLM’s.

The pace of change in compliance is unrelenting : large language models can help you deal with that.

Compliance groups are chronically understaffed and have  been for decades. This is even more pronounced now as the number of regulations that need to be  followed and tracked and adhered to is absolutely exploding … and showing no signs of slowing down  at all.

Large language Model (LLM) technology is very well aligned with the needs of compliance departments as it is very language oriented and can help bring efficiency back to compliance and regulatory.

Coming Soon

Use Cases: Part 1

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