A revolution in fan engagement

Imagine a platform that's rock solid, easy to use, and can help drive your best fans to your store fronts, your stadiums, and your events. Now picture a place where artists and athletes receive revenue on an on-going basis for both new sales as well as secondary market transactions. That's all possible with the FanRev platform.

Direct access to your fans

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Own all your first data

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Curated fan experience integrations

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What is FanREV …

FanREV is a white-label digital collectibles marketplace platform, built for artists, athletes, teams and leagues that helps build a direct connection to their fans.

How does it work?

We build bespoke marketplaces where your loyal fans can come to buy, trade, and sell official digital collectibles, while playing games, and having fun interacting with other fans while they build out their collections.

NuArca Labs creates, hosts, and manages all aspects of NFT fan engagement experience on our FanREV Sports NFT Platform, while making it an easy lift for new fans to sign up and get started.

What do fans need to know about crypto?

Not much, really … Actually, nothing.

When a loyal fan signs up all they have to do is connect an email address to get started. The user 'wallet' is configured by us … in the background … and is built using enterprise-grade security features.

To buy a collectible, all they have to do is use a credit card in a familiar Stripe environment and they're off and running.

Secure, private, and compliant …

Security, privacy, and compliance far beyond any other provider in the market — Keep yourself and your fans from opportunist fraudsters and government actions.

We don't want to name names, but some other platforms are asleep at the switch when it comes to providing ease of mind for curators and their fans.

kind to the planet

Environmentally friendly with low energy Polygon blockchain technology.


NuArca Labs

The NuArca Labs platform enables brands, players and artists in sports and entertainment to engage directly and safely with their entire fanbase in the digital economy using blockchain technology and NFTs.

NuArca Labs is the NFT platform creation and management unit of NuArca, since 2017, a global leader in delivering blockchain and AI based solutions for the Fintech, Energy and Consumer Identity Security Industries.

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