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Using TransactChain™, NuArca is building solutions with immutable record keeping, radical transparency, and machine driven insight.

Block chain based record keeping

TransactChain™ is the base for NuArca’s practical approach to immutably recording results, whether they be voter registration lists, vote results, or asset ownership positions.  

TransactChain™ leverages HyperLedger’s latest release. NuArca continuously monitors HyperLedger releases and updates TransactChain™ to ensure best fidelity with the evolving HyperLedger releases.

Our first use of TransactChain will be for voting. 

Machine learning 

The raw materials are available to go above and beyond spreadsheets and dashboard reporting. Meaningful insight and personalized tuning are what we are all coming to expect from personal software and cloud services, and we will expect it from business and transactional systems in the very near future. NuArca is working to add meaningful layers of machine learning to all solutions.