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A practical approach to leveraging blockchain technology

The promise of radical transformation of industries through the use of blockchain is inspirational. It captures the imagination and lays down a course of action decades into the future. Whether it is the full re-imagination of what identity means, secure collaborative medical records, or the promise of near instantaneous asset movements, the potential impact of blockchain technology is overwhelmingly compelling. 

These are vast and all encompassing operational changes to well established industries with deeply rutted processes and modes of thought. The compelling end-state vision is easy to drive agreement on. What is very difficult is identifying the best path to achieve that vision and then herding cats to make it happen. We will all need to argue until we reach consensus, build a roadmap to meet that consensus, manage huge numbers of competing interests, and continuously refine and steer advances in coherent manner.  Finally, after the technology backbones have been created and a critical mass of capabilities have been achieved, drive adoption through the industry. It’s a long journey with a tremendous amount of opportunity and risk; but a journey well worth taking. In the meantime, there are practical steps that can be made to start better solving problems without having to drive paradigm shifts or wait for the future to be delivered. 

NuArca is focused on finding practical applications for blockchain, machine learning, bot interfaces, and other emerging technology platforms that don’t require waiting for the future to materialize; but can instead be deployed in the immediate term. 

Progress cannot be made with only moonshot thinking. At NuArca, we are focused on the immediate and practical commercially viable paths for adding value using blockchain technology. By filling this void, we believe we are adding to the larger conversation and effort on how the promises of this astonishing technology will change the way the world works.